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We are located where the star is. What does this mean for the giveaway? No worries :) we are preparing and setting up a backup plan just in case our office is out power on the 12th for the giveaway announcement. Gifts and announcements will go out as planned. What does it mean for the Kickstarter for the book? It means we might not be able to launch within a week like we planed. :( We are doing everything possible without sacrificing quality to hurry the process. Hopefully we will be able to launch soon. If we can’t we want to be as transparent as possible. Also, during the time our business is without power we will not be able to communicate as fast or often as we would like. Please know we will be working hard to keep communication, but some delays will be out of our control. Thank you all for understanding! We really appreciate it! #explosivepotential #hurricane

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