We have a GIVEAWAY – $300 worth of Amazon Giftcards (2 WINNERS) Please comment below or message us what you feel an appropriate name will be for the adorable, wizard bee character we have in our book. To help you figure out the best name you check her out and what she teaches here: http://buff.ly/2gc1q8b There will be 2 winners: #1 Winner of $200 Amazon Gift Card based on which name we pick. We know some people might guess the same name so the winner will be the first person to come up with the name we pick. If we do not pick any names then winner will be picked by a random drawing. (NOTE – Likes and Shares are appreciated but not required to win) #2 Winner of $100 Amazon Gift Card will be picked by KingSumo software at random. To be eligible you have to enter the giveaway here: http://buff.ly/2gc1q8bGiveaway OFFICIAL RULES for both giveaways: a. 21 and older from any country are eligible and giftcards will be electronically delivered via email just in time for Christmas. b. Giveaways end November 27th at 6pm and Winners will be announced by November 30th, 2016. c. If you enter the giveaway via Facebook you agree to a complete release of Facebook and you recognize that the giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered or associated with Facebook and Amazon. d. Full Terms and Agreements can be found here: http://buff.ly/2gc1q8bGiveaway by clicking read official rules. #explosivepotential #giveaway

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Those who know our story, know it has been 8 years… The recession in 2008 left me jobless and struggling to provide basic needs to my children. The dream to bring this color changing magic to life was halted. Even though the magic color changing book took so long we are very close now. Keep an eye on your email if you are on the early bird list. For it is coming soon and there are limited Early Bird discount spots available. You will have an advantage over others. If you want to get on the list you can sign up here: http://buff.ly/2dANr97 It has been many unforeseen events that have delayed us… Not forgetting to mention one of the most recent delays like Hurricane Matthew, but VERY soon it will be here. we are very proud and excited to get to this point! #explosivepotential #proud

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We can not even begin to express how we feel after 8 and a half years to see and read such wonderful feedback! This is everything we had hoped and more! Should not be much longer and we will be up and running! For special discounts and early bird announcements: http://buff.ly/2dWvOoa Thank you everyone for your support and patience through all the unforeseen events like (Hurricane Matthew) which has delayed our progress. #soon #explosivepotential

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